Please take a moment to read some of the endorsements that I have received from former students. I am very grateful for their support. I will be adding more endorsements as I receive them.

“Mr. Pucci was my teacher and mentor throughout my time at Notre Dame. He was always supportive, reliable, fair, and had the best interests of his students at heart. As Legislature, I am confident he will use these same skills to represent the First District with integrity and accountability. After all, who but the most honest asks for a job and requests a pay cut? His guidance and leadership helped decades of high school students achieve success, and he will help bring success to Chemung County.”

Danielle Wallace, MD
Resident, Strong Memorial Hospital
Rochester, NY

“I was a student in Mr. Pucci's AP English class at Notre Dame High School years ago (as were my 3 sisters). He was one of our favorite teachers at the school and fostered a life long joy of reading great books and also the invaluable skill of being able to write well. I think he would be a great candidate for Chemung County Legislature because the patience and care he took to share his passion for literature with the Notre Dame students for many years reflected his mission to shape the next generations in a positive way. I see that he has a similar vision of making his county a better place to live if given the chance to serve. Mr. Pucci is not just an expert in the past and present tenses, he also cares most about the future.”

Molly Huddle

Professional Athlete

Providence, RI

“My first introduction to Mr. Pucci was in 1992 as my guidance counselor, as well as my English teacher at Notre Dame High School. These many years later, I remember his calm demeanor and patience in helping me choose my classes and explaining ND’s schedule.

As I recall my time at ND from 1992-1996, I remember Mr. Pucci’s strong desire to make us better students and ALWAYS encouraging us to “think outside the box” about the true meaning of a short story or a poem; or how we could relate to it through our own experiences.

Believe it or not, I moved to the West coast eleven (11) years ago to work as an editor at Allegiant Air, LLC, a travel company based in Las Vegas, NV. Currently, I work as a Manager of Publications with the same Company. I have no doubt Mr. Pucci’s influence as an English teacher had something to do with my career choice J. Mr. Pucci and I stay in touch via Facebook and it’s interesting, albeit, nostalgic to see where life has taken him. I was happy when I received a “friend request” from him. In a small way, it brought me back to my roots. The fact he has engaged so many of his former students shows a genuine sincerity, which is so difficult to find in this day and age.

As a teacher and a counselor, if I could describe him in three words, they would be: fair, passionate, and caring.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that he is also an accomplished author. To me, an achievement of this nature, shows his broad-range of professional experience: Counselor, Teacher, and finally, published Author! To me, he has both the professional knowledge and personal characteristics that make a great county legislator or leader of any kind, for that matter. You could not ask (or vote) for a better candidate!

Mr. Pucci – Thank you from your many students who you’ve inspired, (probably more than you realize) to go the extra mile and exceed expectations.”

Michelle Briggs

Allegiant, Manager, Publications

Las Vegas, NV

“I have known Anthony Pucci for over 25 years. His integrity and passion for his work will make him a very effective leader for the Southern Tier.”

John Pidgeon, M.D.

Boise, ID

“Seeking election to the Chemung County Legislator requires a person to possess the qualities of honesty, dedication and understanding. The right candidate will be hard working, and always focused on putting the needs of the constituents first. Anthony Pucci is the epitome of these qualities and so much more. Anthony was my High School English teacher, and although I struggled tremendously in his class, he never gave up on me, or let me give up on myself. His patience is an unwavering quality, and he always made me feel like I had someone on my side, rooting for me to succeed, and helping me wherever he could. When thinking back on those years in English class, I can still see his passion for teaching, and his ability to guide students through English and life. I believe if he is elected into office this same passion, and determination will flow from Anthony and permeate our Community. I would not be the person I am today without the positive influence Anthony was as my educator. I truly believe that our community needs an energetic County Legislature who will focus on our community’s strengths and challenges in an effort to work with us and help us to accentuate our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses. Our community needs Anthony Pucci as our County Legislator.”

Anne Mayer

Secretary, Elmira School District

Elmira, NY

“When I reflect on the many influential teachers who have helped shape the person I’ve become, Anthony Pucci is in the top tier. While Shakespeare and Melville were his vehicles, character and critical thinking skills were his product. His unassuming, deliberative approach to problem solving lends itself well to team-based solutions. I have no doubt that Mr. Pucci’s demonstrated passion and dedication to his students will carry over seamlessly into his relationship with his constituents.”

Mike Tamara


Elmira, NY

“An effective and successful legislator is someone who takes the time to learn the rules, expects (and insists on) more from his government, his colleagues and his constituents and who has the ability to find common ground in many situations. Mr. Pucci was a teacher who never let his students get by without pushing them to their fullest potential, expecting more than they expected from themselves. What may have seemed to a teenage student as a teacher not giving them a break was merely a dedicated educator knowing that each student had more to give, had more to tap into intellectually, albeit perhaps on different levels than that of others, but more nonetheless from themselves. Mr. Pucci had the capability, and more importantly, the desire to get students to dig deeper to reach that goal, without the student even realizing it. This, in the end, provided each and every one of his students with a strong base to higher yet obtainable expectations. The strengths and talents he used for his many years in teaching are the ones that should be expected in our legislators. In his classes, he taught critical thinking and problem solving. He taught clear and effective writing and comprehension of all forms of written material. But most importantly, he, in his calm manner and perseverance, taught his students to demand more from themselves. I have no doubt he will do the same as a Chemung County legislator, and you couldn’t ask for more than that.

Margaret Sheen

NYS DEC Attorney

Syracuse, NY

“As my former English teacher, Mr. Pucci created a positive learning environment.
He taught me life long critical thinking skills. He inspired me to work harder and achieve my goals. Mr. Pucci was a great mentor and continues to be a role model as he runs for Chemung County Legislature.”

Dr. Amit Sharma
Family Medicine Physician
Arnot Health

Elmira, NY

“Mr. Pucci is one of the most insightful teachers I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

Kate Murphy Friedman

Recruiting Manager at PwC

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Tony Pucci has left an indelible mark on me and I am eternally grateful. As a teacher, he taught me how to critically think and write. I use these skills on a daily basis and they have served me well. But I also learned other valuable lessons from Tony. I learned that empathy and human decency can co-exist with excellence and industriousness. Chemung County will surely benefit from Mr. Pucci’s heart and mind. These are critical times. The future of the region, the legacy we leave for future generations, will be directly impacted by the decisions made in voting booths this November. Please consider Tony Pucci for the Chemung County Legislature."

Thomas F. Wheeland, JD, CPA

National Insurance Services Practice Leader BKD, LLP

University City, MO

“All of these testimonials are spot on; definitely one of my most influential teachers! Not only did he foster a love for reading, but also a passion for critical thinking, an imagination of possibilities, and standing up for what is right and just, particularly in times when others were quick to follow the herd. Mr. Pucci has integrity; which is something we need to see more of in the political arena.”

Mary Mosteller
Director of Development and Public Relations, CareFirst Hospice

“You really knew how to make students think.”

Christa Heyward

Postdoctoral Researcher at Cornell University

“I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Pucci as an English teacher at Notre Dame and also to reconnect with him 25 years later when I came back to speak at graduation in 2012. He is one of those wonderful teachers who sticks with you as you become an adult and you begin to more fully appreciate both the works of fiction he introduced you to, and the ways he encouraged you to think about them more deeply and critically. Mr. Pucci was an insightful and caring teacher who helped his students strive to do their very best, and I have no doubt that he will be an engaged and responsive representative of his constituents if elected to the Chemung County Legislature.”

Molly McEwan

Television/Documentary Editor, Brooklyn, NY

“As a teacher, Mr. Pucci pushed his students to do their best work. He inspired us all with his tremendous commitment to critical and creative thinking. In this age of contested truths and alternate facts, we need more people like him in legislative roles.”

Jack Murphy

Associate Professor and Chair Department of French

Gettysburg College

"Although I have a feeling we may slightly differ on the political aisle, you would make an outstanding legislator. Your demeanor, intelligence, empathy, and concern would serve the citizens of your area well."

J.J. Brady

Retired Military

"Mr. Pucci taught me for two years at Notre Dame High School. He challenged me and my peers to think critically, to look outside ourselves and our own experiences and towards a broader view, and most importantly to listen to different and opposing arguments and points of view with an open mind.

Mr. Pucci was always fair with his students, expected an honest effort, and pushed his students to achieve their best results.

He’s impacted the lives of thousands of students in ways both big and small."

Bill Spaulding

NDHS Class of 2009

Southborough, MA

"Anthony Pucci was my English teacher at Notre Dame High School in the 1970s. I remember his classes vividly: they were well organized, interesting, challenging, fun. Mr. Pucci was one of those rare individuals doing exactly what he loved to do. He consistently engaged students with colorful readings and challenging assignments that helped us in a variety of ways. In my case, he fueled a passion for reading and writing that eventually led me to a career in academia.

Now Mr. Pucci is running for office!! This is a wonderful thing - local governments need citizens like Anthony Pucci to step up; to bring energy, creativity, and their steady moral compass. Intelligent, morally sound leadership - sounds good, doesn't it?

For certain, Mr. Pucci will be a problem solver. Even more so, he will use his imaginative and inspirational talents to build alliances, and with him in office, things will get done. Anthony Pucci is a good man and if elected will be a great legislator! Get out and vote, and VOTE PUCCI!!!"

Thomas Reidy

Notre Dame High School Class of 1978

“I was a student of Mr. Pucci’s at Notre Dame High School. He was one of my favorite teachers not only because he helped spark my love of literature, but because he cared about the success of all of his students. He was always passionate about his work and dedicated to being the best teacher he could be. I know he would be just as committed to the serving the people of Chemung County as he was to his students and would apply these same principles of dedication and empathy as the Chemung County Legislature in the First District.”

Kaitlin Scanlin

Sr. HR Consultant at T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Annapolis, MD

“It is an honor to write an endorsement for Anthony Pucci. I am a former student of Mr. Pucci (Class of 2000). If I could sum up Mr. Pucci in three words I would say: dedicated, inspiring and passionate. Mr. Pucci was dedicated to his students and their education. He worked with students to ensure they were all successful. His passion for not only teaching, but his love of literature was truly contagious. Although it has been years since I have had the privilege to sit in front of him in the classroom, I can still see his passion for literature as it carries over into his chapter books! (I own all 4) And lastly, inspiring! I was an education major in college. My concentration was in English Literature. I went on to obtain my masters in Literacy. The choice to focus in on literature/literacy in my post high school education is a direct result of being a student of Anthony Pucci. The three qualities that I remember most about Mr. Pucci are three qualities that I feel would make him an outstanding legislator. The County needs someone who is dedicated, inspiring and passionate about his role. Anthony Pucci embodies these qualities!”

Jill Manuel

Rochester, NY

“Mr. Pucci was one of the most influential teachers I had at Notre Dame High School. He instilled not only critical thinking and a strong work ethic, but responsibility, accountability, and respect for others that have helped me achieve the success I enjoy in my career and life. He is a man of high expectations and a man of great integrity. I am not at all surprised that after decades of teaching, he is looking for another way to serve his community. You can do no better than Anthony Pucci in your choice for representation in the First District.”

Katie Kremer

Process Engineer

Corning Incorporated

Corning, NY

“There’s truly something to be said about an educator and man like Mr. Pucci. I knew him as an outspoken English teacher. And when I say outspoken, I mean passionate and using the subject matter as a way to instill very real and true character values into his students. He and the staff at Notre Dame were one of the reasons I decided to volunteer for the US Army after 9/11. I served multiple tours in Iraq which included being in hot zones like Mosul, Fallujah, Baghdad, etc. after the initial invasion. I served honorably and was medically retired in 2008.

Being a combat veteran you quickly learn to discern who is genuine and who is not. Mr. Pucci is a man in which I place in the highest regard. He is a man of great character, honor, and integrity. He wouldn’t be running if there wasn’t a problem. Simply put, he cares and I know he can do better for Chemung County than his opponent seeking re-election.

John Ungvarsky

Elmira, NY

Notre Dame Class of 1998