On the campaign trail, I recently discovered another treasure located in the First District. Millport Landing, located just off Route 14 in the heart of the Village, has a wide variety of local art and antiques from over 150 residents. Owner Margie Hoy has done a magnificent job restoring the 1841 building. She also offers a coffee and bake shop with, of course, homemade treats. Be sure to browse through her fantastic assortment of unique items. Shop local! 


Out on the campaign trail, I stopped by Sleeper's Ridge Farm on Ridge Road in Horseheads run by the Blakemore Family. I also discovered the Dandelion at Sleeper's Ridge, a wonderful shop selling a variety of local products run by Gina Menzi Blakemore. Support our farmers! Shop local!


Today I had a chance to meet John Sykes. A couple of years ago, he painstakingly renewed the faded advertisement on the side of his barn. Doylemanx Piano was located in Elmira in the early part of the 20th Century, but this barn is located in the Village of Millport facing what used to be the Chemung Canal. If you travel north on Route 14, you just might catch a glimpse of this unique tribute to our past. 

Thanks to John and his wife, Jessica, for sharing this story. I have met so many wonderful people as I campaign throughout the First District.

John Sykes

This is the sign indicating a pedestrian crosswalk on Route 14 in Millport. The problem is that motorists don't often stop when someone is in the crosswalk. As you can see, the sign contains an arrow. The problem is that the sign is not located where the crosswalk is painted on the road. Thanks to Shawn and Amanda Auld for drawing this to my attention.

When they asked if the sign could be moved to be more effective or if there were some other remedy, they were told that it was "a State issue." They deserve a better answer, and I will attempt to get one. The safety of our residents should be our first priority.


Quick action on my request to Sheriff Chris Moss. New signs were just put up! Residents also report an increase of patrols in that area by both the State Police and the County Sheriffs. Thanks! This should help!